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Workout Gear Review: Winners Balance Collection Athletic Pants

I get a lot of people ask me about reviewing workout gear, they want to know what's out there. So, I thought today I would write about the these yoga/athletic pants I got from Winners.  Being from Winners and costing $25 makes me think they are accessible and affordable to most people. Now I know you may be thinking "But Jen, Winners prides themselves on the fact that every time you go there is something new. They have commercials saying the item could be gone in a hour!" Yes, this is true. And I can even think of sometimes I didn't buy something only to regret it later when it was gone. The one thing I've noticed they keep pretty reliable is their workout gear section. There are brands (such as these) that I've seen every time I go. 

Moving on to why we are here. The pants. 

The pros:

I really like the fact that they are lightweight. I love them for hot yoga and cardio. I don't feel like they are make me even warmer and they are breathable. I like that they stay on me for these types of activities too. Some pants I find start falling down as I hit the treadmill. (Subscribe to email to watch for which ones!) These pants don't move. 


I like the fun design/colors they have. The crazier the better seems to be the trend in workout gear and they've got a lot of great options. Side note here; with the designs and so on it hides sweat marks really well! 

The wide waist band rocks. This is basically the very first thing I look for on workout/yoga pants. Being a mom of two, the lower part of my stomach doesn't always "behave" with pants. Wide waist bands are nice to keep everything tucked in and secure. 

They are not see through. I went to take some pictures to show you how they aren't see through and decided against posting pictures of me basically bent over full bum in the frame shots. So here is one of me off to the side. The flash is really bright here and you still can't see through them.

They cost $25. Yeah that's a big difference between some brand names of upward to $200.

The cons:

There is no small key pocket. I used to think these were useless. But I use these pockets in pants alllllll the time. I usually take off my rings for weightlifting and put them in these pockets. If they are big enough and the location works, I sometimes put my music device in there too!

I have bought pants basically exactly like this and enjoyed them immensely, but after about a year the had a hole in the side, where the seem split a bit. I haven't had this exact pair that long but they are the same material and stitching. This is the difference in pricing. The expensive pants usually last a really long time and these types not so much.

Final Verdict:

Great for activities like running and yoga.

Good choice if maybe starting to workout and looking for something inexpensive to start with. Also if you are planning to very dramatically change your body (read as loose say 40 lbs) they would be good. This way you aren't buying really expensive stuff that wont fit. (soon hopefully)

Share with me some brands you'd love to see a review of!

Love, Jen

Keylime Athletic Pants Review

My mug cake recipe I was trying out tonight didn't work out, so here I am blogging another pant review instead. I planned on doing them tomorrow, but hey, roll with the punches. Not all recipes work out perfect the first time. I bought these pants maybe 6 or 8 months ago, so please forgive some of the saggy ill fit. I must say though, pretty impressive to have pants that are comfy numerous inches bigger or smaller.

KEYLIME Athletic Wear is a company local to the Edmonton area. A lot of the stuff they sell is made locally in Canada. And if you read my last pant review post, you'd know I'm definitely a fan of that.

The Fit: As I mentioned above, they fit when i was inches bigger and now a little loose in some areas, but still stay on my smaller waist and support the mummy tummy area. I would say the run a bit bigger, so again if you are in between a small and medium, go with the small. The length is good. I'm 5'2" and there is extra material for the taller lucky bitches. They just look cute a little scrunched at the bottom for us vertically challenged ladies.

August 19th 2014 062

August 19th 2014 062

The Material: I took a look at their site and the make up of the pants have changed a bit since I bought mine, with a little more spandex. Good for growing booty! They are warm enough in winter, but weren't too hot for today's weights AND cardio session in the summer. Something I appreciate is them not being see through! Scores 5 deadlifts out of 5 in the bending over and not showing it all department. Sadly they do not come in wild colors though.

August 19th 2014 065

August 19th 2014 065

They are great for the gym and even look good with a tunic over to wear around on errands or playdates etc. Or in my case usually, from gym to playdate in the same morning.

At $88, they are a bit on the pricier side in comparison to some out there. That said, owned locally, with being locally made. And they last. I've had mine for a little while and I adore them. You can find them in their store in Sherwood Park or online.

And... here my daughter started doing yoga spontaneously so I had to take a picture, then replicate it. Enjoy our silliness. :)

August 19th 2014 099

August 19th 2014 099

August 19th 2014 121

August 19th 2014 121