Self Care Sunday - Get Yourself Some New Clothes

Hello again friends. This week for Self Care Sunday we are talking getting ourselves some new clothes. As much as I like to find cheap or inexpensive ways of self care, sometime you also need to spend a little on yourself. You deserve it.

That said, if money is tight you can also host a clothing swap (I will so blog about that soon). Clothing for free while cleaning out your closet. I actually spent the first 6 months of the year without buying any "new" clothes. As in meaning from a store. Only clothing swaps and second hand stores. 

Now as that was fun, this past week I got some new clothes and it feels pretty great. 

I did some online shopping at Belle + Bliss Boutique and got this awesome shirt.....

And this sassy skirt.....

As I said in the Self Care Sunday - Self Primping post, when you're in a rut, when you spend some time on making yourself feel good, something awesome happens. You start to feel good! It's really that simple. A few simple pieces of clothing that make you feel sexy, comfortable, saucy or just plain fresh and new help boost your confidence, starting that chain reaction of positive thought. 

So this week I want you to buy yourself a new piece of clothing. Either actually new from a store (think investment pieces lasting longer than #30wears) or new to you from a thrift store or clothing swap. Not that you likely need tips in shopping but here are a few to avoid maybe some upsetting:

  • Think about what's missing from your wardrobe that would make a difference. For example, I'm actually in particular need of some cute flats that aren't sporty or sandals. Closed toe, non fancy cute flats. Something that every time I leave the house in cute shorts and think "crap I don't have the right shoes for this", so it would help complete my wardrobe and feel better. 
  • Go alone or with girlfriends. DO NOT drag your kids or hubby along. This is time for you. 
  • Plan a few stores (or stores online).
  • Eat a good light meal. No need to be hANGRY  (hungry + angry) and get impatient while waiting for the dressing room, but not to full so you're bloated!
  • When you look at yourself in the mirror each time, say one nice thing to yourself. Even if it's unrelated to the clothing. (This is a bonus tip just to be nice to yourself)

Happy shopping friends! And come back to share with me what you got. Either on here, my Facebook  Page or Instagram


Jen the Bitchin' Housewife


Keylime Athletic Pants Review

My mug cake recipe I was trying out tonight didn't work out, so here I am blogging another pant review instead. I planned on doing them tomorrow, but hey, roll with the punches. Not all recipes work out perfect the first time. I bought these pants maybe 6 or 8 months ago, so please forgive some of the saggy ill fit. I must say though, pretty impressive to have pants that are comfy numerous inches bigger or smaller.

KEYLIME Athletic Wear is a company local to the Edmonton area. A lot of the stuff they sell is made locally in Canada. And if you read my last pant review post, you'd know I'm definitely a fan of that.

The Fit: As I mentioned above, they fit when i was inches bigger and now a little loose in some areas, but still stay on my smaller waist and support the mummy tummy area. I would say the run a bit bigger, so again if you are in between a small and medium, go with the small. The length is good. I'm 5'2" and there is extra material for the taller lucky bitches. They just look cute a little scrunched at the bottom for us vertically challenged ladies.

August 19th 2014 062

August 19th 2014 062

The Material: I took a look at their site and the make up of the pants have changed a bit since I bought mine, with a little more spandex. Good for growing booty! They are warm enough in winter, but weren't too hot for today's weights AND cardio session in the summer. Something I appreciate is them not being see through! Scores 5 deadlifts out of 5 in the bending over and not showing it all department. Sadly they do not come in wild colors though.

August 19th 2014 065

August 19th 2014 065

They are great for the gym and even look good with a tunic over to wear around on errands or playdates etc. Or in my case usually, from gym to playdate in the same morning.

At $88, they are a bit on the pricier side in comparison to some out there. That said, owned locally, with being locally made. And they last. I've had mine for a little while and I adore them. You can find them in their store in Sherwood Park or online.

And... here my daughter started doing yoga spontaneously so I had to take a picture, then replicate it. Enjoy our silliness. :)

August 19th 2014 099

August 19th 2014 099

August 19th 2014 121

August 19th 2014 121