Digestive Tea

So it's Thanksgiving weekend and many of us tend to over indulge a little, leaving us with upset tummies and bloat. This year I was hosting and I put a pot on the stove and brewed this digestive aid tea all day and night while my family was here and they took some as they needed it.

I want to be clear, this isn't a "diet tea" or a way to burn off the "extra" calories consumed this weekend. It's about restoring the balance in the digestive system and helping our tummies feel a bit better. 

Four simple ingredients found at most grocery stores are:

  • Fresh ginger 2-3 slices (leave the peel on)
  • Star Anise 1-3
  • Fennel Seed 1 teaspoon-tasblespoon
  • Cinnamon Stick 1-2
  1. Simply boil the ingredients in the pot. I like to get to a boil and then turn it all the way to the lowest setting to keep on the stove and people can consume as they wish.
  2. Use a fine strainer to pour the mixture into the mug and enjoy!

Why these food?

  • Ginger is a known anti-inflammatory and nausea fighter. Usually when we are sick or have motion/car/sea sickness ginger is the first things we grab for. It get's food moving through our digestive system a bit faster, reduces gas, bloating and cramps. It's known to awaken the tastebuds (think ginger in between sushi!) and stimulate digestive juices. 
  • Star Anise is known to help protect against colds anf flu as an antiviral, as well as good for reducing gas, hiccups and water retention. The taste is similar to licorice and in this recipe can be substitued for licorice root, but I find star anise more wildly available in stores. 
  • Fennel seeds conatin concentrated oils that sooth upset stomach. Fennel seeds are used a lot in Ayurvedic cooking I have come across!
  • Cinnamon is a digestive aid used to help sort of balance levels of glucose and triglycerides in the blood. I also find it very relaxing in the smell and taste and warming and comforting. I adore cinnamon so I sometimes put more in. 


I hope you enjoy and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Jen The Bitchin' Housewife