Summer Squash Side Dish

Summer squash is so yummy. I can't believe as a kid I wouldn't eat squash, because as an adult I love all kinds.

As an The Organic Box Ambassador I love seeing the freshest and most in season fruits and veggies when I select my items to order in my box and recently I selected to receive an order of "summer squash" and got some paddypans. I had a few people on my Instagram ask me how they should be prepared so I thought I would share how I cooked them.

Pattypan squash is basically treated like you would treat zucchini. To me the taste is very similar. Spiralizing them might be difficult from the shape however. The whole thing can be consumed and you don't have to worry about peeling or removing the outer layer like you do most other squash. 

This recipe is super simple and easy to add any spices or herbs that you like best. Sometimes I swap out butter and use oil and cook up some cumin, tumeric and coriander to add some flavour,


  • 2-3 summer squash 
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 teaspoon or garlic powder
  • salt and pepper


  1. Chop squash into pieces, keeping them roughly the same size.
  2. Water butter in a medium heat pan. 
  3. Sprinkle garlic powder and salt and pepper on the squash.
  4. Cook squash on one side until a bit brown and flip over and cook until the other size is a bit brown. 
  5. Top with a bit more salt and pepper, maybe some fresh herbs (I have cilantro here) and enjoy!

In Ayurvedic cooking, summer squash is a great summer food and has a cooling quality on the body. Likely because of it's 95% water content. This makes this a great side dish.

Summer squash provide a fair amount of potassium, carotenes and vitamin c.

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Jen The Bitchin' Housewife