Sustainaval - The Eco Future of Carnivals

I describe myself often as an “urban semi hippie”. What I mostly mean by this is that I live in the city and see myself as sort of modern but with “hippie” values. I try to take care of my body, I use a lot of holistic medicines and treatments and believe in trying to save the planet anyway I can. I’m not perfect by any means but I believe in “do what you can, when you can”.

So when I saw that Sustainaval was coming to Edmonton June 7-10 I was VERY excited. I LOVE carnivals and expos, and the fact that it’s a carnival trying to make a positive impact on the world? Well EVEN BETTER.

Ferris wheel at night.jpg

Sustainival is more than an amazing day at the carnival, it celebrates the power of renewable energy to fuel exhilarating rides, games, delicious carnival food and community fun! Sustainaval is powered entirely by solar, wind and biodiesel produced by vegetable oil. How cool is that?

Sustainival is a unique experiential public education platform that celebrates energy literacy, sustainability, and the latest innovations in clean-technologies, all while having a blast at the midway.

There are the usual rides like the Train, Toon Town, Swings, Ferris Wheel, kids rides and a ton more. You can check out all the rides HERE.

In addition there is an educational aspect to the carnival. There is something called the Green Beast Eco Challenge. A fun race style event finding Eco clues all over the midway.


Admission to the midway is FREE as well Come and check it out and play some games maybe? If you are a rider, you can get a Day pass to ride all the rides!buy your tickets in advance for $30 here: at the door for $45.

Enter to win 2 tickets to attend Sustainaval on my Instagram and Facebook!