Clear Space, Clear Mind

There is a clear trend right now after the holidays of decluttering spaces and getting rid of excess "stuff". We have filled our homes with more toys and gadgets and whatever else, we feel stuffed to the brim and even slightly suffocated by everything. 

I've been in the process since right after Christmas of decluttering closets and rooms and toy boxes. And it feels so good. I've been looking into this a bit lately and there is a lot of weight in being surrounded by "stuff".

In a time of year when we are ready for new challenges and changes, sometimes we can feel stuck. We are stuck in our stuff! Physically seeing doors bursting and drawers overflowing, keeps us in the space mentally even.

When we start to clear the space around us we are allowing the things we want to come in. We can choose what is important and what we want to allow back into our lives, homes and head space. Clean work spaces cultivate calm and creativity!

A few years back I discovered Fly Lady, a great system of daily working on specific small things for a short period of time, eventually leading up to a clean space. I recommend checking it out if you feel like you have a mountain to sift through!

And as you are decluttering and shedding the excess that we do not need, add a little bit of mindfulness to it. Set out to clean a closet or room with the intention of creating space for the things you DO want in your life. Space to create, work, play or whatever.

It feels really good to see the space clear AND to take items to be donated. I am took 4 bags yesterday! Plus a drop off at out cities Reuse centre! Here in Edmonton you can check out the City of Edmonton Waste Wise App for where to send items if you aren't sure. 

"Clear clutter, make space for you" Magdelena Vandenberg

"Clear clutter, make space for you" Magdelena Vandenberg


Jen The Bitchin' Housewife