Accupressure Mat For Pain, Stress and Circulation

Accupressure Mat For Pain, Stress and Circulation

A few weeks ago I got my Dosha Mat, Accupressure mat and I’ve been having a lot of fun using it.

Accupressure mats have a ton of health benefits, some claims for health are:

  • reducing pain and muscle soreness

  • stress and anxiety reduction

  • increased circulation

  • reduction of insomnia

  • creates relaxation and sense of calm

The acupressure mats have 4500 pressure points per the entire surface of the mat through the 190 lotus flowers (25 points per flower). These pressure point stimulate the area of the body and send signals to other parts of the body through meridians to help calm and relax. This is much like acupuncture, however not to specific areas and not puncturing the skin of course.

Looking at it from a yogi/massage point of view, I like using it sometimes in a manner that helps me massage a bit. This is also helping relief stress and tension through fascia releasing.


How To Use Your Dosha Accupressure Mat

You can use this mat in many different ways, in many different places. Here is a couple ways I’ve been using mine:

  1. Simply laying on it. Sometimes I lay down on it and relax, do legs up the wall or at the end of a yoga practice in savasana.

  2. Moving on it. I like to lay down and tuck my knees in and roll back and forth or in circles to get a bit of massaging action.

  3. Sitting down with it. In an office chair or on the couch and leaning into it.

  4. Standing on it. I personally have been loving having it beside my bed when I am doing laundry. I find it’s a bit to intense for me to stand on completely, but I will stand with it one foot at a time.

Want to try one out for yourself? I’ve partnered with Dosh Mat to offer you 15% off your vary own from the Canadian owned company! Offer is only good until November 4th 2018! Use the code BITCHINHOUSEWIFE15 at Dosha Mat.

How To Feel Gratitude When Everything Sucks

Feeling Gratitude When Things Are Hard

How To Feel
When Everything 

The last couple days have been challenging for several reasons. And something I'm learning is that it seems a lot of tragic and crappy things will happen to us. As time goes on we love people and places and things. We learn to discover what it is we are passionate about and what we are not. 

This can lead to heart ache when things happen, or don't happen as planned in our lives. Which can leave us feeling sad or angry or otherwise. 

But all those inspirational quotes tell us to feel gratitude. "Gratitude changes everything" or "There is always something to be grateful for."

Yes. BUT. BUT it is REALLY hard to feel gratitude when you feel shadowed by a gloomy cloud. It's easy to share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #blessed when you landed the job you were after or nailed something you've been working on. So much more difficult when it seems like you are stuck in a dark room with no windows or doors.

So where do we even begin?

Name it. One of the most interesting concepts I have come across I learned from my teacher Michele Theoret and one of her peers Pamela Moskie. Emotions are not good or bad. They are simply emotions. If we can take what we are feeling and name it as sadness or anger then we can work at it from there. Once we recognize we are sad, hurt or angry and name it, we can start to find ways to deal with it. 

I've named my sorrow. Now what?

Feel it. Honestly if you are sad. Be sad for a bit. Let it happen. Again no emotion is "bad". Be angry. Be happy. Feel it. I can't give you a time limit to be guided by. I don't think there is one honestly. 

I've cried and felt it, where is the gratitude in that?

Let's find out why we are angry or sad or otherwise. What is the opposite? My example of a loved one passing away. I am filled with great sadness. Sadness that feels like a heavy weight on my chest. I am grateful that I was able to love. Love someone so much that I miss them. Grateful I have memories of them. Grateful I knew them. Grateful she helped make me who I am today.

Angry? Pissed off at the world? I am grateful for my passion. I am grateful for my knowledge of wrong and right. I have gratitude for the lessons in my life that have gotten me fired up.

Now I must say that my advice here is given from personal experience. I am not a therapist or psychologist. And some cases such as depression and anxiety may require the help of these professionals.  I encourage seeking help if you feel you can not manage. 

I hope you find peace in whatever you are managing and that you take care. 

Last spring I went through a difficult time and I wrote in my journal something along the lines of "it's dark. There seems to be no windows or doors. No light. But I have to believe that there will be one again." It did come. 






Oh Go Float Yourself - Float House Review

What is floating you ask? This recent trend is gaining popularity and for good reason. It is suuuuper relaxing and in my opinion, one of the ultimate self care "me" times. 

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go check out the Float House Edmonton. It was basically pure bliss. But before we get into my review of the Float House, first let's chat about what floating is.

What is a float tank?

Basically it's a tank you lie in with a high salt water content so that you actually float in the water without effort. The tank is enclosed to block out noise, light and basically most sensory stimulation. It's sometimes called a sensory deprivation tank.

The amount of salt that goes into every tank!

The amount of salt that goes into every tank!

What's the point?

By removing the stimulus of noise, light, draft etc the body can go into a deeper state of relaxation and/or meditation. 

What if I'm claustrophobic?

This is a REAL question. I 100% have claustrophobia issues. about 5/6 years ago I had my first experience in a tank and it wasn't too bad (I had already done lots of work on my claustrophobia), but I was able to keep the door of the tank open to ease my anxiety. That said the tank I was in was on the smaller side so I found myself not completely relaxed. Personally at Float House Edmonton in particular their tanks are so big that I was completely comfortable and even closed the door all the way .

What do you in there the whole time?

Well, whatever you want to do I guess. Dominic did a great job of explaining some things about being in the tank. He suggested some things like playing in the space a bit, ways to find comfort, doing a body scan or meditation. I personally found it comforting to play around with my positioning a bit, make waves in the water and feel around the walls a bit before coming into a settled position. The great part is that whenever you feel ready you can leave. The tank is in it's pwn room and you can get out and shower whenever you feel you are ready too. 

What are the benefits of floating?

There are tons! I go for the relaxation and meditation. But check out the Float Houses #WhyWeFloat page for the best resource on this subject.

So about Float House. 

I love the vibe in there. Located just off Whyte Ave it's amazing to come off a busy street into the chill setting. The space is very clean, relaxed and inviting. Sitting down with Dominic, he helped put me at ease about the process, giving me a lot of good tips. 

Inviting front reception with the stunning at work.

Inviting front reception with the stunning at work.

The amazing intention setting wall.

The amazing intention setting wall.

The room itself is beautiful. A private shower in the room, just outside the tank. It makes it easier to have a cleansing shower before the float and a nice warm shower upon stepping out. There is a few lighting options. You can choose total darkness, which sets on a timer. You set it to total dark and it gives you time to get into the tank and settle before it goes all dark. Additionally you can choose more light or a little bit of light. There are a couple of small holes in the ceiling of the tank that let in the smallest amount of the room light. I chose this option to help keep me oriented. 

The tank itself is really large. I'm 5'2" and had lots of space to bounce back and forth from foot to head. Additionally height wise I'm pretty sure I could actually stand up in the tank. So It felt more like floating in a room then a tub. 

float tank.jpg

One of the best parts however is the post float. There is this beautiful room where they encourage you to sit and have some tea, or maybe read, write or reflect. I had a beautiful conversation with Dominic and another floater afterwards. It was like hanging out with long time friends. 

Calming and relaxing please to come back to real life stimulus in the post float lounge. 

Calming and relaxing please to come back to real life stimulus in the post float lounge. 

Reading selection in the post float lounge. 

Reading selection in the post float lounge. 

Overall, I really love this place. Personally every Sunday I have a morning bath and I think I will be replacing that time once a month with a float. 

Have you ever floated?


Love, Jen

7 Days of Self Care Giveaways

February 1st-7th we are doing 7 days of Self Care giveaways. Ways to find some time for yourself. Each day we will be featuring a new self care on Facebook and Instagram and all you have to do is follow along and tag your friends that you think need some self care! 

Slow The F*ck Down

I’ve seen many friends were in Empowered Yoga’s Restorative Teacher Training this weekend and it reminded me of when I took it last year. A weekend filled of conversations and mini naps. It was wonderful. I learned a lot about stress and restoring my mind and body. Since then, it’s most of what I find myself reading about.

Since that training I have added restorative yoga to my own practice a lot, tail ends of vinyasa practices I teach and to the athletes I teach. There are many benefits to restorative yoga.

This post isn’t exactly about that though.

It’s about the fact that we generally SUCK at slowing down.

In conversation with my close entrepreneur and work from home mom friends just today in fact, we were all sharing how we have been sick. Sick, injured, brain fogged etc. We have all been going a million miles an hour and run ourselves into the ground.

You don’t even have to be a bad ass entrepreneur like my friends. We all hustle in our own way. We’ve come to a time in the year we need to rest and restore and what do we do?

Make ourselves busier. This concert and that party. This person’s perfect gift and that stressful family situation.  Volunteer. Help out at school. Take on extra work to make a bit more money. Blah blah fucking blah.

So back to the fact that we SUCK I repeat we SUCK at slowing down. Even if we say to ourselves “I’m going to rest this weekend”. Maybe we end up watching tons of scary movies (and not really relaxing the body) or binge eating popcorn or drinking too much wine and feel the guilt about it all?

Sound like anyone you know??!?!?

We HAVE to be intentional about rest. Plopping ourselves on the couch simply isn’t enough for our busy ass lives anymore. Put the effort into properly relaxing the body and be mindful of “relaxing activities” and how they ACTUALLY make us feel.

Let’s take the example of A Simple Bath, a self care blog post I wrote a while ago. I gave a few tips for making it more relaxing, the big one being TURN OFF YOUR PHONE! Does Facebooking in the tub actually relax you? Like actually? Or do you get irritated every time you see so and so’s post and then that sneaky stress creeps up without you ever noticing? It’s super sneaky like that.

So you ask me, how Jen? Just how do I become intentional in my rest?

PLAN. Plan it. Know on these days you are turning off the tv or drawing yourself a bath or going for a massage.

CHECK IN. Check in with yourself during said activity. Just because you are doing something that’s “relaxing” doesn’t mean you are. How do you feel? What could make you feel better?

GIVE GUILT THE MIDDLE FINGER. Yeah. This is the sneakiest of sneaky stressors I think. Especially if you are a mother. That Mom guilt is something from out of this world. Taking time to rest and restore is NOT A LUXURY. I repeat NOT A LUXURY. It is a KEY link in your survival! Think of it that way, because it’s the honest to goodness truth. Then treat it that way.  




Self Care Sunday - Walk It Off

Welcome back. I hope you have had a good week and were able to take a bit of time away from social media from last week's "Going Dark" post. 

This week, let's go for a walk. A simple and free self love and self care experience. 

Some of the benefits are:

  • Being outside (in nature even better) is calming.
  • It's a great gentle way to get a bit of exercise, releasing some of those happy endorphins. 
  • It's a great way to reconnect with yourself and your thoughts.

This walk is about you taking time for yourself. So maybe the kids can stay home, the dog can be walked by someone else or earlier (you don't need to think about picking up poop) and leave the earbuds and heart rate monitor at home. 

It's not about burning calories or counting steps for the day. It's about you taking some time for yourself. 

I myself admit I multitask waaaaaaaay to much. "well if I'm going for a walk, I might as well take the dog, or my podcasts" or whatever else it is we are trying to do at the same time as we relax. Which in reality is defeating the purpose. 

So try this on your walk:

  • Listen for the sounds in the area. Maybe you've never noticed just how quiet your neighbourhood actually is? Or that the family of chickadees lived in those trees?
  • Explore a pathway you don't usually travel. Maybe there is some hidden gem view on the other side of this road?
  • Feel the air on your skin. The fall air is crispy cool, yet something about it seems calmingly satisfying maybe?
  • Feel you body relax as you walk. Do your stressful shoulders maybe actually soften and relax away from the ears, bringing on a sense of relaxation?

Sometime the simple pleasures in life are so satisfying but also very difficult to come to in our busy lives. 


Jen the Bitchin' Housewife