Creating A Vision Board

Recently on my Facebook I asked my friends about having a bucket list and creating vision boards... polling my friends on Facebook never dissapoints.

For a long time I've been thinking about creating a vision board and this week finally did it. 

A vision board is a place to put up dreams and desires to visually be able to see. They can be used as reminders when working on goals, or simply places to share your dreams and desires. I realize this may be similar to Pinterest, except the fact that we regularly see the board.

There are many books and stories of "putting out to the universe" what you want and it comes to you. Meh. You can choose to believe that or not, but in reality.... worse case is that your husband now knows want you want for your birthday or where you'd love to travel right?

To make one is a process over time I believe. Create the board with a few of the things you love at first and as you come across more things you like add them, or remove things as they are no longer needed.

Here is how I created mine.

I think the first hurdle for me was where I was going to get the resources for putting things on my board. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on magazines or cut up books I currently have. Luckily here in Edmonton we have the ReUse Centre. It's a place to get rid of all the things in our homes we no longer need. For example, rather then just recycling old magazines of craft supplies you can donate them there and someone else (me) will come along and use them for something. 

You just weigh it as you leave, rather then by item. 

You just weigh it as you leave, rather then by item. 

I headed down to the ReUse Centre and got my supplies. Plus a few extra things like Halloween decorations! Since it goes off weight, rather then amount of items, I literally found my board, magazines and extras for $5!!!! yes $5!

All for $5!

All for $5!

I found this lovely old pink board. At first I was going to keep the pink but noticed some staining, and in reality pink isn't my colour. I got my husband Iron Hide Woodworks to build me a frame for it and I recovered it. In the spirit of reusing old things and sentimental value, I actually used my kids old crib sheet to cover it!

The board as is from the reuse centre. 

The board as is from the reuse centre. 

The redone vision board. 

The redone vision board. 

Then, my girlfriend came over with her kids. While the kids played we cut, talked and crafted. Good excuse for a playdate, a chat with a friend AND creating our vision boards! 

On my board I have some places I want to travel, some thing I want for my home and a fun little saying about finding the pleasures in life. You could however have the home you want, the car you love or whatever else really. This is about you and YOUR dreams!



Jen The Bitchin' Housewife

Oh Go Float Yourself - Float House Review

What is floating you ask? This recent trend is gaining popularity and for good reason. It is suuuuper relaxing and in my opinion, one of the ultimate self care "me" times. 

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go check out the Float House Edmonton. It was basically pure bliss. But before we get into my review of the Float House, first let's chat about what floating is.

What is a float tank?

Basically it's a tank you lie in with a high salt water content so that you actually float in the water without effort. The tank is enclosed to block out noise, light and basically most sensory stimulation. It's sometimes called a sensory deprivation tank.

The amount of salt that goes into every tank!

The amount of salt that goes into every tank!

What's the point?

By removing the stimulus of noise, light, draft etc the body can go into a deeper state of relaxation and/or meditation. 

What if I'm claustrophobic?

This is a REAL question. I 100% have claustrophobia issues. about 5/6 years ago I had my first experience in a tank and it wasn't too bad (I had already done lots of work on my claustrophobia), but I was able to keep the door of the tank open to ease my anxiety. That said the tank I was in was on the smaller side so I found myself not completely relaxed. Personally at Float House Edmonton in particular their tanks are so big that I was completely comfortable and even closed the door all the way .

What do you in there the whole time?

Well, whatever you want to do I guess. Dominic did a great job of explaining some things about being in the tank. He suggested some things like playing in the space a bit, ways to find comfort, doing a body scan or meditation. I personally found it comforting to play around with my positioning a bit, make waves in the water and feel around the walls a bit before coming into a settled position. The great part is that whenever you feel ready you can leave. The tank is in it's pwn room and you can get out and shower whenever you feel you are ready too. 

What are the benefits of floating?

There are tons! I go for the relaxation and meditation. But check out the Float Houses #WhyWeFloat page for the best resource on this subject.

So about Float House. 

I love the vibe in there. Located just off Whyte Ave it's amazing to come off a busy street into the chill setting. The space is very clean, relaxed and inviting. Sitting down with Dominic, he helped put me at ease about the process, giving me a lot of good tips. 

Inviting front reception with the stunning at work.

Inviting front reception with the stunning at work.

The amazing intention setting wall.

The amazing intention setting wall.

The room itself is beautiful. A private shower in the room, just outside the tank. It makes it easier to have a cleansing shower before the float and a nice warm shower upon stepping out. There is a few lighting options. You can choose total darkness, which sets on a timer. You set it to total dark and it gives you time to get into the tank and settle before it goes all dark. Additionally you can choose more light or a little bit of light. There are a couple of small holes in the ceiling of the tank that let in the smallest amount of the room light. I chose this option to help keep me oriented. 

The tank itself is really large. I'm 5'2" and had lots of space to bounce back and forth from foot to head. Additionally height wise I'm pretty sure I could actually stand up in the tank. So It felt more like floating in a room then a tub. 

float tank.jpg

One of the best parts however is the post float. There is this beautiful room where they encourage you to sit and have some tea, or maybe read, write or reflect. I had a beautiful conversation with Dominic and another floater afterwards. It was like hanging out with long time friends. 

Calming and relaxing please to come back to real life stimulus in the post float lounge. 

Calming and relaxing please to come back to real life stimulus in the post float lounge. 

Reading selection in the post float lounge. 

Reading selection in the post float lounge. 

Overall, I really love this place. Personally every Sunday I have a morning bath and I think I will be replacing that time once a month with a float. 

Have you ever floated?


Love, Jen

Summer Squash Side Dish

Summer squash is so yummy. I can't believe as a kid I wouldn't eat squash, because as an adult I love all kinds.

As an The Organic Box Ambassador I love seeing the freshest and most in season fruits and veggies when I select my items to order in my box and recently I selected to receive an order of "summer squash" and got some paddypans. I had a few people on my Instagram ask me how they should be prepared so I thought I would share how I cooked them.

Pattypan squash is basically treated like you would treat zucchini. To me the taste is very similar. Spiralizing them might be difficult from the shape however. The whole thing can be consumed and you don't have to worry about peeling or removing the outer layer like you do most other squash. 

This recipe is super simple and easy to add any spices or herbs that you like best. Sometimes I swap out butter and use oil and cook up some cumin, tumeric and coriander to add some flavour,


  • 2-3 summer squash 
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 teaspoon or garlic powder
  • salt and pepper


  1. Chop squash into pieces, keeping them roughly the same size.
  2. Water butter in a medium heat pan. 
  3. Sprinkle garlic powder and salt and pepper on the squash.
  4. Cook squash on one side until a bit brown and flip over and cook until the other size is a bit brown. 
  5. Top with a bit more salt and pepper, maybe some fresh herbs (I have cilantro here) and enjoy!

In Ayurvedic cooking, summer squash is a great summer food and has a cooling quality on the body. Likely because of it's 95% water content. This makes this a great side dish.

Summer squash provide a fair amount of potassium, carotenes and vitamin c.

Get $20 off your first order from The Organic Box using the code ORGANICBUNCH20 and try out the freshest fruit and vegetables they have to offer. 



Jen The Bitchin' Housewife

Full Body Home Workout

A free full body workout from home or the park. 

The weather is warmer and you likely don't want to be trapped inside a gym. Take your workout to the backyard or playground with your kids with this full body workout.

You can do as many rounds as you'd like but I recommend three with breaks in between. Warm up with some jogging (actual or on the spot) and/or jumping jacks. If you are a postpartum mom and need less impact (read Why You Pee During Your Workout) take to some bodyweight squats. 

Cool down with some stretching and remember to rehydrate!

  • High knees - get your knees up toward your chest. 20 per leg
  • Glute bridge raises - lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Lift the butt off the ground and squeeze the glutes. 
  • Pushups - hands on the ground outside of the shoulders. Start from knees and work up to from feet. 
  • Squat jumps - squat down, keep the chest up (look forward) and jump up. Option to bodyweight squat instead or grab your toddler/baby on your back.
  • Walking lunges - hands can be on the hips for balance. 20 per leg
  • Tricep dips - hands on the ground or a bench with fingertips pointing toward your feet. Bend at the elbows, do not swing hips up and down. 


Jen The Bitchin' Housewife

Ultimate List Of Edmonton Summer Fun Runs 2017

The Ultimate Edmonton Run List 2017

There are so many great fun runs popping up, I've rounded up this list for you. Get some friends together for a team  or train for a long run. Either way have some fun!

Edmonton Gorilla Run May 13th

Be a gorilla for a morning. Dress up your costume to enter to win prizes too!

Teddy Bear Fun Run May 13th

Supporting the children of the Stollery Hospital and you can be entered to win a Mothers Day Spa Retreat in Edmonton.

Super Cities Walk for MS May 25th

Walk/run to support MS research.

Big Gifts For Little Lives 5km Walk/Run May 27th

A run hosted by the parents of a child on the heart transplant list. Funds raised going to the Pediatric Heart Transplant in the Stollery.

Edmonton Shoppers Run For Women May 27th 

Supporting women's mental health programs. This run also has a little 1k for the kids!

Edmonton Defeat Depression Walk May 28th

Raising funds for CMHA and mental health programs and awareness. 

Woman 2 Warrior May 28th 

Supporting Easter seals and families overcoming the challenges of disability and mental conditions

Color Me Rad Edmonton June 10th

Find your white shirt and shorts and get covered in colour bombs!

Edmonton Pride Run & Walk June 11th

Celebrating our diverse community and raising funds for the new Edmonton Pride Run Endowment.

5k/10k Ice Cream Run June 11th

Post run massages and a community potluck afterwards! 

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes June 11th

Supporting finding the cure for Diabetes.

Kids running for Kids June 12th

Supporting the efforts of Jacob's Wish 2.5 km  and also 5km and 10km options.

Pheonix Fun Run June 18th

Walk/run supporting Endometriosis Awareness.

Do It For Dads June 18th

Raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer.

Run for H20 - June 24th

Supporting efforts to bring clean water to rural parts of Ethiopia

Superhero Run/Walk June 25th 

Helping support Edmonton's inner city youth.

Pets In The Park June 25th.

Walk with your pet in Hawerlak Park supporting the Edmonton Humane Society

5K Foam Feast Leduc July 1st 

A fun way to cool off from the summer heat, running/walking in foam!

Mega Bounce Run July 8th

Whats better then bouncy castles? Running on them and supporting the Ronald McDonald House! 

Run to Quit July 9th

Focusing on a healthy lifestyle with the aim to support those quitting smoking.

Spartan Sprint & Super(Red Deer) July 22-23

Get a little dirty and test your skills. 

Edmonton Ice Cream Run July 23rd 

Benefiting the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Society. This event has a "little scoops" 1k run for the kids too.

Foam Glow - August 11th

Foam. Glow In the dark. Fun

Mud Hero (Red Deer) August 12-13

Get dirty on the hills and show of your skills. 

Hope Run 2017 - September 2nd

Supporting the Make A Wish foundation of Northern Alberta.

Instabox Dog Jog September 9th

Running to support Second Chance Animal Rescue.

Insane Inflatables September 16th

A chance to let out your inner kid. Bounce and run around!

Terry Fox Run September 17th

Continuing the legacy 

Night Race September 23rd

Pull out the headlamps and flashlights or even glow sticks for this fun in the dark race.